See How Ordinary People Makes Money On Social Media & How You Too Can

Should incase you don’t know, it is now an establish fact that ordinary people are now making money via social media and I mean serious cash. Now I do not mean the social network owners like owners of Facebook, Twitter etc. I mean ordinary people like you and me who uses this social media accounts to reach out on a daily basis. 
You might want to ask how they are doing it. Well it’s not rocket science, it’s just some basic principles.
They start by opening an account either on Facebook or Twitter or any other social network, they tweet/share updates, they became known for their passion either political, sports, education or entertainment updates to the extent that they gather lots of attention and social media followings.

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Do you have a dream?

You cannot make real progress without defining your destination. Once your destination is defined, you can identify the roads that will not take you there.
One of the things that will define your destination and direction in life is a dream. A dream gives you hope and motivation; you have a reason to wake up every morning. You have a reason for living.

Someone once said, “There are two kinds of people in this world; those who have their own dreams and those who follows other people’s dreams. The big question is Which one are you?

Two mechanics, the Wright brothers, conceived an idea to build a machine that would fly, and invented the airplane, a heavier than air machine that actually flies. Today the rest is history.

Martin Luther King Jnr., most famous for his “I have a dream” speech was passionate about his country and had a dream. Today, we see that dream come to fruition.

There are many super achievers in our world and they have one thing in common; they are dreamers.

What is your dream? How big is your dream? If all that you are thinking about accomplished in your present state, then it is not a dream

Dream big and break limits!

Writing credit: Sam Adeyemi

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What Does It Mean To Be Successful?

Success is a very popular word.
Everybody want to be successful, Some want to be famous while others want to be rich and wealthy.

To some at the mention of the word success what comes to mind is being rich and famous, being able to afford all the good things of life or the good things life has to offer.

What does it really mean to be successful?

To be successful is been able to set and achieve a specific goal or objectives.

Success is the achievement of goals.

When you set a particular goal for yourself and you are able to arrange the resources at your disposal to work towards and achieve your set goals over and over again then you are said to be a successful person.

From what I have written above we can deduce that where there is no goal then success is not possible since success is the achievement of goals.

Let’s take for example you set a goal for yourself in January 1st that by December 31st you want to get a brand new car.

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Do you have goals?

Imagine this; you met someone on the way with a traveling bag and suit cases and you asked “sir/ma where are you heading to?” And the person replied “am heading to nowhere” or ” I don’t know where am going to, am just going out” .

What will you think of the person? Am sure you will definitely shake ur head in confusion and just walk away before the person affect you with his confused status.

Many of us are like that man. We might not be traveling or going to nowhere on the outside but what of on the inside?

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First post, Welcome to my personal blog

yeah, this is my first post here. Am gonna be writing on variety of topics here, Social Media, personal development, education, sport, entrepreneurship and every other thing that interests me.

It won’t be all about me though, it’s gonna be about us.  The only thing I thought about when setting up this blog is personal development and my all around views on its related topics.


Anyways that’s all for now. Watch for my posts soonest

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